Full Paper Submission to a JVSTB Special Topic Collection

Special Topic Collection on Vacuum Nanoelectronics in JVSTB

The Journal of Vacuum of Science and Technology B (JVSTB) has traditionally published articles from the IVNC conferences grouped together as a collection. As announced in our Newsletter this year the JVSTB editorial staff, headed by Professor Eray Aydil, has invited the IVNC to use the 2021 conference as the starting basis for a Special Topic Collection devoted to Vacuum Nanoelectronics (VNE) with the ambition of establishing a more definitive state of art selection that can act as a reference for the coming years.

The collection will contain peer-reviewed papers originating from IVNC 2021 presentations as well as freely-submitted related research articles over the following months not presented at the conference. Invited articles and reviews will also be solicited.

List of topics for open Call for Papers:

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Emitters – Nano and micro vacuum field emitters, including integrated micro fabricated tips and novel emitters such as nanotubes, graphene, nanowires, etc.
  • Applications -Vacuum nanoelectronics applications including displays, x-ray imaging, electron and light sources, vacuum microdevices, electron lithography for advanced semiconductor fabrication, etc.
  • Theory – Electron emission theory, including ab initio and classic tunneling approaches.
  • Modeling – Modeling and simulation of electron emission physics from surfaces and devices, including microtips, nanogaps, photoemission, etc.
  • Fundamental – Fundamental studies of electrons in vacuum related to beam physics, quantum mechanics, coherence, electron-photon interactions, etc.
  • Microscopy and Spectroscopy – Vacuum nanoelectronics for enabling microscopy and spectroscopy, including, for example, ultimate electron microscopy and holography and scanning field emission microscopy.
  • Novel emitters – Emitters based on novel electron emission mechanisms such as metal insulator metal planar emitters.
  • Fabrication – Materials, growth, and fabrication technologies of sources and vacuum electronic devices.
  • Ultrafast – Ultrafast laser excitation of electron emission from surfaces, tips, and nanomaterials.
  • RF to THz – Novel strategies for RF and THz generation related eventually to FE sources.
  • Large instruments – Accelerator beam physics.
  • Vacuum technologies – Novel enabling technologies for electron sources and applications such as special electronics, vacuum generation and retention, beam imaging devices and strategies, phosphors, etc.
  • Related emission – Though not the main thrust, reviews on thermionic emission, photoemission and RF/THz tubes from our sister organizations would be welcome to complement this work.

Articles are to be submitted in the fall of 2021.

Instructions will be published on the website in due course and sent out to the conference mailing list.