IVNC 2021 Scope


The International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (IVNC) series is devoted to the nanoscience and technology of vacuum electron sources and applications. The first IVNC was held in Williamsburg, VA in 1988 and chaired by C. A. Spindt (SRI) and H. F. Gray (NRL). It rotates between Asia, Europe and North America and has close to equal participations from these continents. Initially focused on field emission, displays and power tubes, it has since expanded to encompass the understanding of the physics, chemistry, electron emission and beam properties of novel nano-emitters based on various electron emission mechanisms, as well as the materials, growth, and fabrication technologies of sources and vacuum electronic devices. It meets every year and can be considered as the pre-eminent conference in the world on electron sources and their applications,

The electron source subject touches a vast range of dependent domains of both fundamental and applied nature and includes questions on quantum physics, ultrafast laser excitation of nanomaterials, electron lithography for advanced semiconductor fabrication, ultimate electron microscopy and holography, new generation portable xray imaging, accelerator beam physics, etc. This conference is an excellent meeting opportunity for building cross-domain contacts.

The conference attracts high level international scholars as plenary speakers, usually 3 or 4 by conference, and invited speakers.

Keywords : Field Emission, Vacuum nano-electronics, Quantum physics, Nanoscience, Carbon nano-structures