past SGS awardees

The Shoulder-Gray-Spindt award since 1999:

IVMC 1999 David Garner, University of Cambridge Microtriode
IVMC 2000 Bernd Günther, University of Wuppertal Comparison of field emission from diamond and AlN coated Si tips
IVMC 2001 Jim Carey, Harvard University  
IVMC 2002 Ioannis Kymissis, MIT Field emission from organic composites
IVMC 2003 K. Murakami, Osaka University Characteristics of nanoelectron source fabricated using beam assisted processing
IVNC 2004 No awardee  
IVNC 2005 No awardee  
IVNC 2006 Kazufumi Shiozawa, Shizuoka University Fabrication and characteristics of novel graphite field-emitters for application to electron- beam pumped light sources
IVNC 2007 Karthik Subramanian, Vanderbilt University Development of a vacuum packaged nanodiamond lateral field emission device
IVNC 2008 K. Murakami, Osaka University Observation of fringe-like electron emission pattern from radical-oxygen gas exposed Pt field emitter fabricated by electron-beam-induced deposition
IVNC 2009 No awardee  
IVNC 2010 Jonathan Jarvis, Vanderbilt University Resonant tunneling and extreme brightness from diamond field emitters and carbon nanotubes
IVNC 2011 Akifumi Koike, Shizuoka University A functional tiny electron gun for a true microcolumn
IVNC 2012 Jin-Woo Jeong, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea A dramatic improvement in the lifetime of the fully vacuum-sealed micro-focusing X-ray tube for stationary digital breast tomosynhtesis
IVNC 2013 Alex A. Patterson, MIT Elementary framework for cold field emission from quantum-confined metal emitters
IVNC 2014 Chiwon Lee, Paul Scherrer Institut and Max Planck Institut Field emission beam characteristics of a double-gated single nanoemitter
IVNC 2015 ShiJun Liang, Singapore University of Technology and Design Novel mechanisms of thermionic, field and photo-electric emissions from graphene
IVNC 2016 Gongtao Wu, Peking University Graphene-based micro-emitters and vacuum transistors
IVNC 2017 Iman Rastegar Alam, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research In-situ work function measurements in thermoelectric generators
IVNC 2018 No awardee  
IVNC-IVESC 2019 Christoph Langer, OTH Regensburg Field emission electron source chip for sensor applications fabricated by laser micro machining
IVNC 2020-Virtual No awardee  
IVNC 2021-Virtual Pooja Thakkar, Paul Scherrer Institut Voltage-controlled three-electron-beam interference by a three-element Boersch phase shifter with top and bottom shielding electrodes